Providing you with effective arboriculture & ecology support services that are tailored to achieve your projects aims and objectives.

Utilitree Arb Ltd.

Our aim is to provide leading, professional services in Arboriculture and Bat Conservation in order to exceed the expectations of our customers for long term sustainable business and for the benefits of environmental enhancement and sustainability.

Arbori­cultural Services Overview

Our full range of Arboricutural Services include:

  • Supervision and Auditing
  • Tree Surgery and Arboricultural works
  • Training and mentoring
  • Project management
  • Utility Arboriculture
  • Surveying and Inspections

Trees and Bats

We specialise in providing tree related advice in order to enable planned and urgent cutting and clearance operations to proceed in a legal and timely fashion. Prior to starting any tree works, it should be determined if the trees are used by bats for roosting or shelter and what impact the proposed works may have on local bat populations. We can provide the necessary surveys and assessments of trees in order for you to be able to continue with your felling and surgery works without costly delays.