Utilitree Arb - Bat Services

Bat Services

We are pleased to be able to provide a number of bat related services that are tailored to the needs of our customer in order to achieve your objectives whilst ensuring that you remain within the law.

The Conservation of Habitats and Species Regs 2010 (as amended) makes it an offence to disturb, injure or kill bats, or damage or destroy a breeding or resting place of a bat.

We have class 2 licensed staff allowing for surveys to be undertaken using specialist methods which would otherwise be illegal. This includes entering known bat roosts and inspecting cavities and cracks by endoscope, as well as hand netting and handling of bats during survey. We can then advise you on the actions required to prevent you from causing a likely offense.

Currently we are working closely with arboricultural companies that work in some of the most hazardous and demanding locations including utilities and railways to provide expertise and advice in order for them to deliver their contract specifications. We also work directly for private customers as well as supporting other ecological consultancies with their work programs.

We are based in Nottingham, working across the whole of the east midlands but are also happy to travel further afield in order to help you.

Trees and Bats

We specialise in providing tree related advice in order to enable planned and urgent cutting and clearance operations to proceed in a legal and timely fashion. Prior to starting any tree works, it should be determined if the trees are used by bats for roosting or shelter and what impact the proposed works may have on local bat populations. We can provide the necessary surveys and assessments of trees in order for you to be able to continue with your felling and surgery works without costly delays.

Bat and Development

We also provide surveying and advice in order to achieve planning permission for developments. Government planning policy guidance requires planning authorities to take account of the conservation of protected species when determining planning applications. Where there is a reasonable likelihood of bats being present and affected by the development, surveys must be carried out before planning permission is considered. We can provide survey’s to enable a prediction of the likely impact of your proposed development and, if necessary, to design suitable mitigation and compensation in order for your planning application to be granted.